Order How-To

You can see that I am fundraising through the portfolio site.

In case you are interested in possessing some of the calligraphy pieces in the ‘Available’ category, they are offered for a price. I’d be trying to add new pieces around the start of each calendar month.

You can ask for more details through my e-mail address [calligraphy.shinikov@gmail.com] or use the contact form below.┬áDon’t be shy and feel free to contact me if you have a calligraphy piece on your heart.

All items would ship unframed, as shown on the pictures [no frame, no glass, no passe-partout] due to shipping restrictions, while price of shipping depends on shipping location. They would be well packed making sure that your items are not damaged on the way. Once you have your calligraphy piece, make sure that you do not store it exposed under direct sunlight, as paper and ink tend to lose vibrancy of color and quality.